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Is anybody in there?

In this opening of the Study Group Reading this month, the Guides remind us that we are eternal souls, temporarily using the wonderful physical things of earth, such as our bodies. They say: Most of you have begun to at … Continue reading

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To Sleep Like A Baby

The following Question and Answer was included in the September Study Group Reading. Feel free to comment with your own experiences and/or solutions to sleeplessness. (Read my Haiku at the end.) QUESTION: “Difficulty with sleep, or insomnia, appears to be … Continue reading

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Our Divine Responsibility

In the opening of the July Study Group, The Guides speak about “Divine Responsibility.” They are speaking about our responsibility to experience the divine love of God and to share it with others. And they remind us to sit still … Continue reading

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Shining the Light

This was taken from our Study Group Reading for May, 2011 when the Guides were asked about the presence of accelerated frequencies occurring to help people awaken right now: “Imagine that you are in a dark room, and there is … Continue reading

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If you are seeking holy ground…..

Driving in our neighborhood after the recent heavy rain was a traffic nightmare. As far as the eye could see there were cars, lights flashing, and at every crossing there were people rushing to get across the intersection. There wasn’t … Continue reading

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Drawing From The Well of Creativity

Ron Scolastico: I have worked with many people through the years who were frustrated because they believed that they were not creative and had no artistic ability. Often, what was holding them back was an emotional tightening. They “suppressed” their … Continue reading

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Faith or fear?

A recent article by Karen Kaplan in the L.A. Times stated, “Faith in a higher power can often lead to more aggressive treatment than is medically warranted, research is beginning to show.”  Their example was of a woman diagnosed with … Continue reading

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