Inspiration from the L.A. Times

celebrating 28 happy yearsThere were two articles in the Los Angeles Times in May that particularly inspired me. (Ron and I still get the printed version and read it with our coffee every morning—a morning ritual we enjoy.) 

The first: Last month in the Study Group Newsletter I wrote about fretting about the consequences of aging. Appropriately, the universe provided me with an insight in the form of an obituary in the Los Angeles Times. “Renowned psychologist worked till 103!” Hedda Bolgar treated patients until a few weeks before she died. (Google her name and you can read her full obituary. She was a fascinating woman.) The statement said about her in the article that I most loved was, “She could infuse people with optimism.” When asked what time of her life she liked best, Hedda replied, “now.” She was a testament to the power of now!

The second: There was an Op-Ed piece in May called “Buying Happiness: want contentment? Try taking a good hard look at how you spend your money,” by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton. (Again, Google to read the whole article.) Their conclusion about money is that “How we use our money may matter as much or more than how much of it we’ve got.” Buying experiences for both yourself and others can lead to the greatest happiness. They use the example of sharing a cup of coffee with someone, rather than just giving them a gift card for a coffee, created the most happiness and satisfaction.

            In the opening of the Study Group Reading, this month, the Guides speak about the joy of sharing your being with other humans:

“We are showing you, first, the importance of achieving the joy and the fullness of integrating your intense self experience of your own thoughts, feelings, desires, interests—all of that—and then the importance of integrating that with other humans and creating the great joy of sharing your being with other humans.

Ron and I celebrated 28 happy years together on May 30, and we are looking forward to many more!

The Magic of Creativity and The Healing Power of Joy are the newest books by the Guides. They present powerful readings given at “The Annual Spiritual Retreat With The Guides.” One reader of these books said, “I really enjoy how the Guides answered questions asked by the participants at the Retreat,” These books are available as paperbacks from us, or digitally on Amazon for the Kindle app.

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