Is anybody in there?

The masks we wearIn this opening of the Study Group Reading this month, the Guides remind us that we are eternal souls, temporarily using the wonderful physical things of earth, such as our bodies. They say:

Most of you have begun to at least think, “I am not my body. I am a human self using this body. I am the actor using this present costume for this particular drama that I am playing out in this lifetime.”

For most of our lives, it is a fairly compatible cooperation between body and soul. However, for some in later years, the body does not function as it was meant to. One of our clients, “J.E,” who is a Study Group member told us a wonderful story about recently visiting a friend’s father who has Alzheimer’s disease. The friend was surprised that she would even want to visit, but J.E. is a loving and fearless nurturer around those in need and wanted to go. When they arrived, she saw the father looking away from them, staring a wall. “It’s kind of like an engine without spark plugs, isn’t it?” she remarked to her friend, referring to the ravages of Alzheimer’s on the body. The father immediately responded, trying to say something. He turned toward J.E., looked at her and grabbed her hand, kissing it. “He never does that,” exclaimed the son in surprise!

We were moved by her story, for clearly, the spirit of the man was still in that body. The brain had just malfunctioned with Alzheimer’s and he could no longer use it to communicate. When J.E. expressed her understanding of what was going on, he heard her and was grateful that someone understood.

It is said that the hearing is the last of the physical senses to go. This story is a good reminder that just because someone cannot use their brain and/or senses to communicate does not mean they are not there. Too often the ill body and non-functioning mind are what is “seen” as the person-the current costume they are wearing. Often they are stuck in the netherworld between life and death, unable to make anyone understand. The father’s heart must have burst with joy at being touched by J.E. in the way she did. A wonderful lesson and reminder for us all.

Anna MarieIn loving memory of Anna Marie Wilczek (born 8-30-1941, passed over peacefully at home on 9-29-2012): There is a Sufi saying, “When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the soul rejoices for what it has found.” And that’s just the way I feel-mourning the loss of a dearly beloved 40-year-long friendship, yet rejoicing in her journey. Many of you knew her from our workshops, Retreats and the Study Group. We will share in a celebration of her life at our Retreat in November.

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