The Courting Dance

The Courting Dance-Oregon Grebes

In the opening of the September Study Group Reading, the Guides address the subject of relationships. Some of you out there must be dating, or looking for a love relationship, because it is unusual for them to address this subject in the opening. But, it is fascinating, even to those of us who have found the love of our lives–like Ron and me. In the opening, the Guides discuss the “courting dance:”

“So, in the mating area, the initial attractions cannot always be trusted, as many of you more mature ones have learned from experience. Naturally, this applies to all relationships, particularly where each one desires to move forward in the relationship, whether it is simple friendship or the mating area.
“Now, we are not suggesting that you mistrust initial experiences with others. We are simply showing you that when you prematurely decide that you know another human, you must calm yourself and say, ‘I now know the first movement of the courting dance, the friendship dance, and I appreciate that. And, it is time to know more.”

It seems that many of us who are intuitive and trust our ability to know another person, sometimes don’t give a new relationship enough time to develop before jumping in head first. At times, that can lead to separation and divorce. Ron and I certainly didn’t listen to this advice. Within a month we were fully committed; we were just lucky that this time, our intuition, and our willingness to ride the hills and valleys without getting off, resulted in an extraordinary relationship that is in its 28th year. The Guides go on to say:

“The reason that you ones hunger so much for perfect love-mating, family, friendship love, whatever it is-is because you are lacking the constant experience of Divine Love, which is perfect, and totally and completely fulfilling.”

When you can take your time and “know” the heart and soul of another person, when your personalities match, and your desires and values are similar, the result of your “courting dance” can look like that of the Oregon Grebes above-graceful, synchronized and headed in the same direction-and blessed with the experience of Divine Love.

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