Happy Holiday Season

December 2011 completed 300 months, 25 years of Study Group Readings. These are monthly Readings that include an opening teaching by The Guides through Ron Scolastico, answers to questions sent in by subscribers, and a closing attunement by The Guides.

This month, the closing attunement was especially inspiring to our daughter, Amy Lee Coy, who added music to Ron’s voice to create an inspiring and soothing attunement. We offer it as a gift of love this Holiday Season. You can listen or download it at this link.

Wishing you much love and joy this holiday season,
Susan and Ron Scolastico

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2 Responses to Happy Holiday Season

  1. Omg! That was so beautiful!!! What a sweet and previous gift from all of you to us. Obviously, just listening now…. But at the perfect time to really hear it. the guides are incredible; their words so amazing and the music is just perfect! Thank you!

    Therese Taylor

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