Our Divine Responsibility

In the opening of the July Study Group, The Guides speak about “Divine Responsibility.” They are speaking about our responsibility to experience the divine love of God and to share it with others. And they remind us to sit still and allow that love to pour over us and soothe us. From the July Reading:

“Each of you has a certain responsibility beyond personal desire. Most of you have at least vaguely sensed and understood this. Few have actually clarified what that responsibility might be.
Let us say that you are a dog living in a small house in the yard of a human. Your desire is to run about, to sniff, and to eat. And, the desire of the human is to love you and pet you. So, if you only run about, sniff, and eat, and never sit still to be petted, you as a dog could believe that you are fulfilling your life, and that there is a great goodness in the activities that you do that come naturally to you. But, if you could be told in dog language, “If you will sit still and allow your humans to pet you,” then, there can come a great satisfaction that, in time, you will find more fulfilling and rewarding than running about, sniffing, and eating.
In the human “dogs” that rush about fulfilling physical desires and needs, and even the need for family and human love, you could consider that a part of their desire (and rare is the human who will sit still long enough) is to allow the extraordinary perfect love that is God itself to “pet” them, and soothe them, and fulfill them.
Many of you have established ideas, beliefs, and some practices, in which you do allow yourself inwardly to sit still, and some of you have, at times, felt the petting of the divine love. You integrate that with your doing in the physical world. But, rare is the human who understands the true importance of consciously experiencing the divine love.
For most who do occasionally experience divine love, it is simply a fulfillment of another human desire: “I desire to feel good. I desire to feel better than running around sniffing and eating. I desire a deeper pleasure which I attain through the experience of divine love when I can achieve that experience.”
Now, there is nothing wrong with this approach to, let us call it spiritual experience, but, it still limits you ones to your own personal self. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. It is not bad. But, you do not awaken to your hidden responsibility that has been given to you by your soul, by the forces of God itself. This is the responsibility to care for other living human beings, to help them, uplift them, serve them, guide them, minister to them, love them. Rare is the human who would fully accept this responsibility and love other humans as much as they love their own self.
This does not mean that you must criticize yourself because you are not doing that perfect love. But, if you wish the fullness of life, and the complete mastery in the human pathway through your many lifetimes, you can at least choose to think that you have a hidden responsibility to care for other humans. An awareness of that responsibility does not automatically arise in you as a desire that is as strong as your desire to fulfill yourself, to complete your own purposes, and to have your pleasures and your completions in your daily life. So, usually, it takes remembering-reminding yourself when you awaken each morning:

Whether I naturally feel a great desire to go forth in this day and love other humans as much as I love and care for myself, I now remind myself that it is a hidden responsibility given to me by my soul, and by the forces of God itself, to care for others, love them, and serve them. I will not demand that I be perfect in this day. Most likely, being the normal human, I will be more interested in my life and myself than I am in others. But, at least, I will try to do a portion of my responsibility-the God-given responsibility-by paying more attention to others, helping them when I can and when I am willing, and doing for others.

     This does not mean that you must go forth and do large, dramatic doings. You need not spend your entire days teaching thousands, or bringing great monies to the poor, or feeding the hungry. If nothing else, you can consistently fulfill portions of your responsibility-your divine responsibility-by simply paying more attention to each human that you interact with, and, inwardly generating a feeling of deep caring about that human who is in front of you, and, by being alert for ways to speak kindness rather than criticism, or competitiveness, or mismatching, or emphasizing differences. And, if you see an opportunity to overtly serve by giving them something that they need, or to help them in tangible ways, do that.
Now, if you did none of this divine responsibility throughout your entire lifetime, you would not become a bad person. You could thrive and fulfill many important purposes in this lifetime. But, it is similar to being a racing runner-a runner of races-in a team. In order to win the race, the entire team must cross the finish line. Let us say that you are the fastest racer, and you forget the rules. You think, “If I cross the finish line we have won the race.” So, you run very fast, and you leave your teammates behind, and they do not finish the race.
In extraordinarily complex ways that we will try to put into simple words for you, the return of human existence on this earth to its intended state of perfect love amongst all humans–an existence that prevailed in the beginning of life on earth–involves the completion by all presently living humans at a certain period of what you would call time. And, as extraordinarily complex as this is, if you live a magnificent life but you do not serve others, then you are leaving your teammates behind.
Clearly, you cannot pull all of the presently living humans into goodness yourself. But, there will come a time on this earth when so many presently living humans, at that point in time in the future, understand what we are now putting into words, that each individual will affect their mating one, their children. And they in turn will affect their mating ones and their children. And they will affect friends and acquaintances. And they in turn will affect their friends and acquaintances. Then, the perfect love will blossom amongst all presently living humans at that time, and the completion of the extraordinary adventure of the souls will occur in the most remarkable manner.”

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1 Response to Our Divine Responsibility

  1. Patricia Brown says:

    I know this but it’s wonderful to read in new words. It gives me hope and renewed motivation to devote the time to meditation. Your analogy is beautiful. Thank you Ron.

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