Shining the Light

This was taken from our Study Group Reading for May, 2011 when the Guides were asked about the presence of accelerated frequencies occurring to help people awaken right now:

Divine energies do not need to grow“Imagine that you are in a dark room, and there is the beautiful golden sunlight pouring into a window in that room, hitting a far wall. Then, you would say, “I need some light in the opposite corner of this room that is dark.” You take a mirror, hold it against the wall where the light is striking, and point it toward the dark corner. Now, that dark corner is lit.

But, you notice that the dark corner it is not lit very brightly. You say, “I now ask the sun to be brighter.” Not likely, and not necessary. What you have not noticed is that your mirror is covered with dirt.

It is very important for you ones to have positive reasons for believing that life on earth can be better, from your point of view. And, it is, in a sense, accurate to think in terms of increasing positive energies in the human world. But, it is unnecessary, and not accurate, to think, “The divine energies are growing brighter so that they will shine into our dark places. We do not even need to polish our mirror. Our fears will be eliminated by the brighter sun.” That is not true.

Your fears will be addressed and healed by you ones. And, at the present time, there are many humans who are learning this. They are opening their hearts, and they are hungering for experience of the Divine. And, some are achieving it in many ways.

So, there is accuracy in thinking in terms of growing energies of a positive nature coming from humans. But, the divine energies do not need to grow. The sun does not need to be brighter. Your mirror needs to be cleaner.

Know that in all human time, there has never been a squeezing of the actual divine energies in existence, even though, in many complex ways, there is the squeezing of their impact in human experience caused by humans. But, always, there is more than enough eternal energy for humans to create a perfect world. However, as you can observe, there is not enough human cooperation in cleaning their mirrors.”


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