If you are seeking holy ground…..

urban seagull

Driving in our neighborhood after the recent heavy rain was a traffic nightmare. As far as the eye could see there were cars, lights flashing, and at every crossing there were people rushing to get across the intersection. There wasn’t even a fender bender to blame for the swarm of cars and people. “Too many people in the world!” I grumbled to myself in a curmudgeonly manner. Going nowhere, I sighed and leaned back in the seat. My eyes glanced upward to a lone seagull sitting on the top of the highest point, a very tall pole.

We live in Woodland Hills, 15 miles inland from the beach. The seagull doesn’t really belong here. But, there it was, sitting serenely above the fray, just observing, looking peaceful, and clearly not disturbed by the hubbub below.

Often, people tell us that they feel like they don’t belong here on earth, and are out of step with the world. And yet, here we are. We must then belong here. Am I going to tell the seagull, “Sorry, get off the pole. You don’t belong in Woodland Hills.” The seagull is content wherever there is food and other seagulls with whom to mate. Like the seagull, we can take the pole point of view, above the fray, and remember that our “home” is wherever we are. And, for a moment, seeing that seagull, I could imagine the wind on my face and enjoy the feeling of being my soul, observing with amusement the chaos of earth life below.

I love this quote from our book, Cosmic Moments: Inspiring Reminders of Your Eternal Nature: “If you are seeking holy ground, look under your own feet.” The seagull has got that right!

(this post was taken from our April Study Group Newsletter)


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2 Responses to If you are seeking holy ground…..

  1. Jim Reimers says:

    Lately I have been choosing everything I can experience. If I do not like it, I choose it anyway. Like your shift, I find myself with new openings for action, and for being. It is especially nice to have your company on this journey.

  2. Thank you, Jim. Glad to be on the journey with you too!

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