Drawing From The Well of Creativity

Ron painting a commissioned pieceRon Scolastico: I have worked with many people through the years who were frustrated because they believed that they were not creative and had no artistic ability. Often, what was holding them back was an emotional tightening. They “suppressed” their feelings in order to avoid emotional pain. They did not realize that emotional opening is an important aspect of creativity. This was explained in a Reading done by the Guides in one of our Spiritual Retreats on Creativity a few years ago.

The Guides: Each human has had deep, fulfilling creative expressions in a number of lifetimes in the past. And, as a human in the present, you have impulses to create. But, without the emotional opening to trigger your deep intuitive sensing, some of these impulses from the past lifetimes will not arrive in your conscious awareness.
If your emotional, intuitive self is blocked, you could create the impression, “I am not a creative person. I am not interested in beauty, or color, or music, or creative movement, or the more refined aspects of life. I am only interested in the practical affairs of life.”

This, then, essentially, is an emotional “squeezing,” even though you may be working in the emotional area to heal your fears and open emotionally. Emotional squeezing is not simply feeling frightened or unjoyful. It is also a kind of buildup of limiting attitudes about yourself. The small limiting attitudes, here and there, grow up to a large limiting over a period of time, without being noticed. It is as though you have a slimy scale in your pipes. Without noticing, over the years, it can close the pipes. But, you would not notice each small increment.

So, when you are managing your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your creative expression, the general direction of loosening applies to emotional loosening. It applies to a gentle loving assessment of the thoughts and feelings that you propagate through the years, that may not be particularly negative, but they can become particularly rigid, and they can begin to cause you to squeeze your perception of yourself as a creative being.

Remind yourself that the outflow of creativity from you depends upon whether you are squeezing or opening emotionally. If you feel blocked creatively, say to yourself, “By the very nature of myself as an eternal soul I am a creative being. As I remember that truth, I feel the creative forces stirring in me, seeding ideas for new expression through me.” Then, realize that you are actually participating in the creative unfoldment of humanity in your own individual way as you manifest your personal creative abilities in this lifetime.

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