From Death Do I Part: How I Freed Myself From Addiction

From Death Do I Part: How I Freed Myself From Addiction

Amy Lee Coy

Lately there have been many personal Readings with Ron Scolastico where either the questioner themselves or a loved one are dealing with the problems of addiction. So it is very timely that, From Death Do I Part: How I Freed Myself From Addiction is newly released. This is a remarkable memoir and self help book written by my daughter, Amy Lee Coy (Bardi).

Ron and I are so proud of her. For 25 years, Amy struggled with addition and I as her mother struggled with the constant pain, guilt and fear that she would not live to see another day. It has been nearly five years since Amy took her last drink of alcohol and smoked her last cigarette. This book tells her courageous story and process of healing without the usual “12 step” methods. The influence of Ron and the Guides in her life has been profound. You will “see” and “hear” their teachings throughout her story, not as preaching or even direct reference, but as Amy’s thoughts and feelings and through her choices and actions.

Ron and I believe that this will be an inspiring book for those of you who either struggle with addiction yourself or whose loved one is struggling. From Death Do I Part is beautifully written. As Amy says, “This is the book I wanted in my moment of terror, desperation and fear.”

She has received the endorsement of two of the biggest names in the addiction business: Dr. Stanton Peele, author of Love and Addiction, has written a magnificent foreword. And Gabor Maté, M.D., author of the #1 Canadian best seller, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction, writes, “From Death Do I Part is the account of a soul journey: a journal of liberation, authentically lived, deeply experienced and vividly written. The inspiring story of one person, it speaks to the challenges faced by many and to the possibilities inherent in us all.”

Chris Ternand, MD says, “Amy blesses us by sharing her personal inner and outer journey with a rare honesty and clarity that enlighten and enriches us all. The specifics of her journey are about recovery from addiction, but her compassion and wisdom hold valuable lessons for those on any journey of healing.”

Paige Marrs, Ph.D. says, “Amy will clearly make an important contribution to the people who struggle with addictions, and to those who love them.”

I couldn’t have said it better!

You can order this book from us, call 1-818-224-448, 1-800-359-3771, or email me, order on our website: or on Amy’s website at: $15.95, 286 pages, trade paperback.

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2 Responses to From Death Do I Part: How I Freed Myself From Addiction

  1. Linda Overman says:

    Congratulations to your daughter…I know how hard she worked on this book and how much encouragement you gave her. BRAVO!

  2. Annie wallack says:

    Bravo for Amy too from me. I have not been all that impressed with AA or any of it’s relatives because of the part where you have to say that you will be an addict for the rest of your life. I don’t think that is true. I believe a person can quit something and not be tempted by it again by healing the underlying cause of the addiction, whatever that is. To continually say one will be addicted forever for the rest of one’s life is an affirmation that I wouldn’t want to repeat. To say that makes me feel like a cripple of some kind. I just know there are better ways of dealing with addiction. If Amy has found some of them and put them in a book, I’d be happy to recommend that book. Besides that most “cured” alcoholics have not really questioned their beliefs about addiction. Where is the cure in that?

    Annie Wallack

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