The Power of Choice

In the closing of the Study Group Reading this month, the Guides encourage us to attune to the power of choice-choice in what we think about, how we direct the power of our minds.

I think that how we direct our thinking is of extreme importance as we navigate this life. As The Guides mentioned, most of us are familiar with the New Thought teachings of affirmative thinking. People who have had near-death or out of body experiences report that when they think about something it instantly appears. However, in the physical world, a thought takes a span of time to manifest in reality. The manifestation of the power of thought is not as evident here as in the spiritual realms where it creates a result instantaneously. Yet the accumulation of thoughts does have a result in the physical world. So, if we don’t take control of what we think about and focus upon on an ongoing basis, we can create havoc in our lives.

In the movie “Avatar,” Corporal Jake Sully, the protagonist, rides on the back of the Mountain Banshee, or Ikran, for the first time. It flies wildly through the air, flailing from side to side with Sully barely hanging on. Finally, Sully gives the Ikran a verbal command to go forward-and to his surprise, it instantly follows his command. At first it was a verbal command, but soon he is able to merely think a direction and the Ikran follows.

I used to practice getting out of my body, using a technique I had learned. I was successful several times. The first time out of my body, I found myself like Jake Sully, flailing wildly about without direction. It was quite disconcerting and I immediately reentered my body. The next time I exercised more control of my mind and had a short but more controlled adventure. Our emotions are a bit like the Ikran, following the direction of our thoughts. And until we learn how to focus on things that bring us peace and joy, rather than fear and discouragement, we can feel like we are flailing about without direction.

So, as the Guides suggest for this month, create a plan to attune to positivity, to choose carefully what you focus on and think about. We have an obligation as seekers of truth, to be doers of truth. In the face of a world of negativity, to seek the beauty, the good and hold to the higher vision that will ultimately manifest the divine in earth.

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5 Responses to The Power of Choice

  1. Laurel says:

    Just happened to see this post after having heard an NPR Radio Lab story about brain research on people who self deceive themselves slightly, in a positive way, about their abilities and the world around them. Turns out they are more likely to win in competition, more successful in business, and more happy in general, than those who are too realistic about their own abilities and life around them. So what is said above is at least to some degree proven true.

  2. Thank you, Laurel. It’s nice to b be validated.

  3. Jim Reimers says:

    Totally accepting things I do not like, along with totally accepting my dislike, frees me up to new positive openings like you are talking about here. Thanks for this forum; it is stimulating.

  4. jmmarketng. says:

    I would say you need to be careful about trying to control thoughts and feelings. We obviously have to control what we do about them in the physical world so as not to get thrown in jail, but to say that I am going to think one thing and not another is a guaranteed way to kill creativity and spontaneity–that is life itself. You will certainly not get very far as a performer or creative artist by limiting how you think life should be.

  5. John says:

    You make a good point that when we say to ourselves, “I am going to think one thing and not another,” we run the risk of killing our creativity and spontaneity. However, I don’t think this is the recommendation being made. The recommendation is for something much looser–more for “mindfulness” than for “thought police.” For example, let’s say I have a habit of automatically thinking of what could go wrong every time I hear a suggestion. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but as it becomes a habit, it begins to limit my options. As I become aware that this is a thought habit of mine, I can begin to ask myself what I find “inviting” or “promising” about a certain suggestion, thereby gently redirecting my focus away from the habit of automatically thinking of reasons why the suggestion won’t work. Far from killing creativity, this gentle redirection serves to invite and nurture it.

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