Don’t Lose your sheep

In the opening of the Study Group Reading this month, the Guides speak about our connection as beings. My daughter, Amy (who listens to the readings “hot off the press”) had this to say when sharing the opening with her husband, John: “When I read the opening it seemed rather elementary but as the night wore on, and during the next day while running errands, I found it really useful, and even fun to think about and imagine.”

John, who, like many of us in the Study Group, is very familiar with spiritual teachings, particularly of the Guides, agreed that on first read the deep wisdom in the words could be missed. He added: “The idea that we are all members of the same flock of sheep is less intellectual information, though important, than it is a helpful idea to practice. The point is to practice relating to people as extended parts of ourselves. It is an effective way to approach problems and difficulties.”

In the words of the Guides: “The single attractive sheep represents your natural human preoccupation with your personal experience. Generally that serves you well. The flock of sheep represents all living humans. With them, you have a “spiritual bond.” You are joined by spiritual energies to the collection of humans presently alive-of course, there is a rapid birth of new humans and the death of old ones. But, in general, the collection of humanity to which you belong while alive in your body is represented by the flock of sheep.
When the sheep wander away, that symbolizes how humans have lost their conscious perception of the spiritual bonds that join them to all living humans. Other humans are the sheep that have wandered away from you.  If you never remember that you had those sheep, then you will never go looking for them. So, we are reminding you that you have those sheep. They are the lost members of your grouping, your flock.”

The Mystery of The Christ Force as an ebook
Ron and I bought a Barnes and Noble “Nook” e-reader for our reading pleasure. I have created a .pdf file of Ron’s book, The Mystery of The Christ Force, that is maximized for the Nook. If you own a copy of this book, I would be happy to send you the .pdf version for your computer, or your e-reader, at no charge. Just email me at and I’ll send it by return email.

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