When I die, I’ll still be with you…

Ron has worked with many people whose loved ones have died and who are sad because they do not sense the presence of their deceased loved one. One of our Study Group subscribers asked the following question which we used in the September Study Group Reading by The Guides, through Ron Scolastico, Ph.D. I hope you find the answer helpful.

QUESTION: “Often, people will vow that, after their death, they will contact and ‘never leave’ their loved one after they die. However, more often than not, the surviving person does not feel the presence of the deceased loved one. Why is this?”

ANSWER: It is because of perception within the human who is still living. If they could rise up to the perspective of the one who made that promise before death, they would see that the one who died has not left them. That one is still with them. But, the humans who are still alive are limited in their perceptions, therefore, they do not perceive the one who has died with their physical senses.

Since the one who has died no longer has a physical form that can be perceived by the living one, the living one understandably believes, “My loved one has gone. They have vanished. They are not present.” However, they are present, but in a different form that is not perceived through the physical senses-seeing a physical body, feeling a touch or hearing words spoken through a vocal mechanism of a physical body.

Another challenge is that the souls do not speak in words of any human language. So, when the deceased one is present to the living one and is communicating, that communication is not in words spoken aloud, or in words placed into the mind of the living one. That communication is done through quite extraordinary spiritual “energies” that you might call intuitive feelings.

If the living one could live through the disappointment of not perceiving the deceased one in the tangible way that they are used to, then they could practice silent periods of aligning with the soul of the deceased one. In time, they would be able to feel the presence of the soul of the deceased one as an inner movement of what you might call love, or a spiritual presence, or the sense of a loving being existing beside them. This would be extremely comforting and inspiring.

No matter what a living human would promise to do after their death, most living humans are not enlightened in a way that they will have a complete perception of what will occur to their consciousness after the death of their physical body. They do not realize that they will become an eternal soul, unlimited by time or distance, who will stand beside the living loved ones and communicate with them in essentially invisible ways. So, while alive, they make their promise with good intentions, with what they know in a limited awareness, saying, “I will manifest to you after my death and you will know that I am present.” Both living ones believe that that means a normal manifestation to the human senses that will be similar to what they are used to in the physical world.

To be truly accurate, an enlightened living person making such a promise to a loved one before their death would say, “After my death, I will be even closer to you and more real, in the deepest sense. But, you will need to break through the human limitations of perception in order to experience me in that deeper, truer way.”

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8 Responses to When I die, I’ll still be with you…

  1. Annie wallack says:

    Hi. I thought it was so much fun to read this guides reply to the question about communicating with the dead. My own story about communicating with the dead is that my mother “died” about five years ago, and that Fall I went on a Ron Retreat. I wasn’t particularly grieving for her at the time, but there was a sense of missing her and a lonliness with me a lot, just not as intense as closer to the actual time she died. While I was on an evening walk after dinner, I experienced “my mother” as a presense as I walked by that point out by the big statue of Jesus that’s lit up at night. This was the only time that I saw my mother after she died. This was no ordinary mother…….she was what I could describe as the most magnificent being I had ever seen, a body of light and beauty that is indescribable. In my perception, this was a vision of my mother without her body. Later, on during the retreat when we were doing some singing I also felt her presense to be one of love and approval like she was right next to me as close as my breath even though I couldn’t see her with my physical eyes, nor did I expect to. After that, I never felt like my mother wasn’t with me (or anyone else’s mother for that matter)….the sense of separation was gone. Now, whenever I think of “my mother” I feel her with me. I feel her love and her guidance.

    When she died, I did ask the guides about her, and they said pretty much the same thing that they said in this recent answer on this blog. The most comforting thing for me being that she was free to be closer to me than she was in our Earth life together, free of the constraints of daily living. This was amazing to me because my mother was my best and life long friend. I think that hearing that she could actually be of more help and companionship to me after her life with me on Earth tuned me into listening inwardly to what might be her presense around and with me, so in a way I was practicing tuning into her presense even though I was not aware that this was what I was doing. I feel a kind of support just knowing that she is with me and in a way saying “yes” and adding somehow to every decision I make. I still have her picture on my wall. I am human still, but in a sense that picture brings me something of her that is not in the picture. That is why I keep it there, because what was there before she died is what is there after she died as well…only freer. Anniecaroline

  2. Greg says:

    Lovely. I loved reading this. Thank you!

  3. David Magnan says:

    (Guides): “Another challenge is that the souls do not speak in words of any human language. So, when the deceased one is present to the living one and is communicating, that communication is not in words spoken aloud, or in words placed into the mind of the living one. That communication is done through quite extraordinary spiritual “energies” that you might call intuitive feelings.”

    This seems right to me as it applies to most interactions between recently deceased and their loved ones. It explains why the numerous “death compacts” are unsuccessful, where the agreement is that the first to die will communicate to the other a secret code to prove his/her survival. But there seems to be a disconnect with this when it comes to the Guides. If they are souls evidently they can communicate words or at least detailed information in some form that are translated into words by Ron’s subliminal consciousness. I suppose this is a unique relationship acheived by Ron over years of practice. It seems to me this may also explain the abilities of some of the better psychic mediums who appear to be able to communicate in a limited way with the bereaved.

  4. Lesa Frantz says:

    I lost my daughter a month ago and am usually so full of grief and confusion that I don’t think I can perceive much other than that. However, when one of my daughter’s friends was helping with Jennie’s memorial preparations we were looking at my daughter’s jewelry together. I wanted her to pick something as a keepsake. As she was looking things over I deeply felt moved to give her a necklace that previously I had wanted to keep for myself. I reached for the necklace and handed her the item that had moments before felt “right” to me. She immediately began to cry and I knew then that it was Jennie’s wish that she have it.

    I had been wearing a ring of Jennie’s that I had been wearing since her death and felt it “right” to remove that ring and wear the one that matched the necklace I had given Susanna.

    This weekend we had my daughter’s memorial and her other best friend from all her school years, Sarah, came from another state to attend. I was overwhelmed to see her and we both cried in shared grief.

    I stepped back from her and without thinking took off the ring I had put on just a few days before and handed it to her and immediately felt at peace with the decision.

    Sarah emailed me today and thanked me for the ring saying that when she looked at it, it made her smile. When I looked at the ring, it had always made me cry.

    I responded to her with this:

    “It meant more to me than you could know that you were here and I knew that ring needed to be on your finger more than mine – Just as it happened with Susanna with the necklace, Jennie whispered her desire into my heart. I am glad to know that it brings a smile to you.”

    I do believe that my daughter attempts to communicate with me, but most of the time there is too much “noise” within me to perceive it. In these instances however, I believe that Jennie’s desires were strong enough to push through the chaos of my grief.

    Thank you for posting this particular question at this particular time; it has been validating. Knowing that my daughter’s most beloved friends have been gifted from Jennie through me, brings me some peace in a time when feeling the stillness of peace, for even the briefest time, is so very difficult to find.

  5. Kay Wolf says:

    I had a reading with the Guides right before my Dad died on 6 Aug 2009 and the primary questions were around how to alleviate his fear of dying. The Guides provided some very good advice and we were able to have a friend of my father’s from his church– a Catholic lay minister talk to him in the very language recommended by the Guides. This friend, Dick, at the end of the session with my father, told him “Jack, quit praying with your head and pray with your heart.” That is exactly what the Guides said– we did not tell that to Dick but he got the message anyhow and relayed it to my father. Early the next morning, my Dad transitioned. And that is a story too….

    He woke up early that final morning and asked his night nurse (we had hospice helping) to rub his stomach because it hurt. His nurse, Lily, is also a Baptist minister and he asked her to say a prayer. She did and remembered Dad being Catholic, started the ‘Hail Mary’ but not being Catholic herself didn’t know the end, and she said she told Dad he would have to finish…she shared that when he said the last line: “Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for our sins, Now and at the hour of our death, Amen.”, he closed his eyes and took his last breath. I can only guess he got the ‘pray with your heart’ message as he didn’t struggle and quietly slipped away.
    I miss my Dad but am so comforted by how this all finally came together. With the help of the Guides and also with Kelsey Collins’ book Exit Strategy, we were able to assist my father when he needed it most–to help him let go of 78 years of fear and ‘hear’ the truth with his heart. Now I will try to be still so I can ‘feel’ my Dad even with the limitations of my human body.

  6. jill silverstein says:

    Spiritual “energies” or intuitive feelings I have personally felt after the death of my father. I also felt that he wanted me to feel that he was a universal soul at peace and now taking up a “clarifying process” before choosing to receive a new physical body.
    This helped me to feel that there is a continuance of choosing or “free will” that crosses the boundaries of life mode and death mode. I also felt he wanted to tell me that he would be busy but I could connect with him as an “intuitive” feeling when needing to feel his love and that has been very comforting to me daily
    when I choose to “feel” his timeless soul expression.

  7. Emily says:

    After my mom died, on several occasions I was able to feel her presence with me quite closely. Then, for about a year, I could not feel any connection. I felt sad, lonely, and let down. At one point I was at an open-air fair, and I was mulling over to myself how much I missed her presence, and said to myself, Mom, where are you, I really need you…. and then I walked into one of the exhibits in a big tent, and it was full of glorious paintings and photographs, just like the art my mother had done, and there was glorious music playing, one of my mother’s favorite songs, done in an arrangement she would have loved… it was the essence of my mom to the nth degree, and I’m sure it was she reaching down to let me know she was still there. It was a deeply moving experience.

  8. anakin says:

    When my father died we were not close and it was the culmination of about 30 years of strife. I did not miss him in the least. However over a period of time after his death I would occasionally feel him near by, and we would be together as if he was trying to help me in different life situations. In essence I realized that were actually quite a bit alike (same Spiritual flavor) and we have gotten along quite well since his passing.

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