Living Life Defensively

It has been a surreal few weeks for us. Ron’s locker at the gym was jimmied and his wallet stolen. His Medicare card was in it, so the thieves had his SS#, DL#, credit cards, ATM card, library card….they know where we live and where we bank. Naturally, I canceled everything right away, but not before they had made big purchases with the credit cards. I thought everything was handled, and then a month later, an unauthorized check was taken from our checking account.

At first, we felt violated, vulnerable and powerless. But, once we got into gear and took action-made a police report, changed bank accounts with passwords this time, talked to “Life-Lock” which I had had the impulse to sign up with in January, our demeanor changed. We felt in control again.

The electronic age has made us more vulnerable to crimes than ever before. My son told me there are sweat shops where they buy and sell stolen information. It is big business. The bank manager told us she had seen a report on CNN that only 2.4% of the people in the world are completely honest. My son retorted facetiously, “And how do you know the 2.4% aren’t lying?” The Guides are more hopeful as you’ll read in the answer to Question One of the July Study Group Reading. The Guides ask us to say, “These human ones who are perpetuating negative events on earth are the same as me. They are wonderful human beings with talents and abilities, and also many fears.” It seems to me that thieves are simply trying to gain a sense of power and control in their lives just as I was. They just choose a different path from most of us, one that happens to hurt other people.

Question One of the July Study Group Reading asks: “Is the level of good behavior increasing over time or lessening? Are our efforts of being kind, compassionate, and loving helping to raise the consciousness of the planet?” Sometimes it can feel like our efforts to be “good” are useless. What difference does it make, you might ask, if so many are just trying to get what they can from life, regardless of others? The Guides respond:
“Those humans who commit themselves, to the best of their ability, to kindness, compassion, and love, and then try to integrate that into their words and behaviors, are the only hope for humanity. For, the souls will not force humans to stop being frightened and stop creating negativity. Only humans can touch the negative-doers through the expression of kindness and understanding, which will help them heal their fear.”

So, having regained our inner center of stability, we continue on, living life “defensively,” and loving life passionately, because at least it means that we are alive in the midst of the most creative, intense time in the history of this amazing earth adventure!

peace and beauty in Albion, CA

LIVING LIFE PEACEFULLY: On a more serene note, we spent ten days in Napa and Mendocino, staying with dear friends and giving Readings. This photo is the view of the Pacific Ocean from the back yard of our friends Jeannette and Robert in Albion, California.

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1 Response to Living Life Defensively

  1. jill silverstein says:

    THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR THE WONDERFUL WORDS OF WISDOM to help us not flounder in creating our personal individual goodness.

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