Faith or fear?

A recent article by Karen Kaplan in the L.A. Times stated, “Faith in a higher power can often lead to more aggressive treatment than is medically warranted, research is beginning to show.”  Their example was of a woman diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer that had spread to her lung. She believed that the “Lord” told her that the doctors were not being aggressive enough in their treatment, and sought out doctors who would do more. She found them, and they performed a treatment that subsequently put her in a coma.

Faith….the word seems benign, soft, soothing, implying trust and comfort. What this article seems to point out is that some faith is about clinging to life at all costs, as if this is all there is.  I guess If I believed  that  after I died I would be in heaven sitting, playing a harp for eternity, or perhaps burning in hell while my loved ones are in heaven, I would cling to life at all costs too. Scary!

The Guides teach that we as beings never die. We are souls temporarily living a human life. We have lived many human lives, and are always a soul. We simply change form. But there is no loss, there is no fear, there is only experience gained in love. We are all connected to one another by the force of goodness that some call God, cosmic consciousness, All-that-is, and so forth.

So is your faith fear based or love based? That is the question to ponder.

Read more about the Guides’ perspective here: A Thumbnail Sketch of Life and Death

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11 Responses to Faith or fear?

  1. Carla says:

    “Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.” Hafiz

  2. jill silverstein says:

    What a wonderful post to read…since most of us are aging and experiencing pains and disease symptoms. Also the remembering of Ron’s words from the Guides …on how to free us from the shackles of (fear based) religions of the world…. as Bill Mahers’ movie has demonstrated so very well!! The Thumbnail sketch of life and death was a wonderful remembering tool also… a connection daily will help us evolve into the enlightened people we want to really be.

  3. Adrienne Gabriel says:

    For me, faith means believing in something with your heart, accepting what is, and letting go of any attachments or expectations forthe outcome.

  4. David Magnan says:

    An interesting story, but I think the reporter got it wrong, as far as generalizing about the case. Most commonly it is the fear of annihilation (caused by lack of any belief in survival and of any faith in God) that induces both doctors and patients to accept extraordinary and cruel medical interventions to prolong life at any cost. These are the effects of rampant materialism.

  5. Greg says:

    Great post!! SOOOOO true. Thank you!

    ~ Greg

  6. David Pierce says:

    I can imagine a positive slant to this example, where a person already grounded in the Guides’ teaching that we are souls temporarily in possession of bodies, feels an inner knowing (from their soul or from “God”) that what is best for their body is not what the doctors are doing – whether the shift should be to something more aggressive as in this example, or (perhaps more commonly) to something alternative, or wanting to be left in peace. All could be skillful means for this life and this body, and if our choice hastens our making of death – wouldn’t that simply be what our soul wants?

  7. Maria E. Vanegas says:

    Faith is one of those words that have different meanings to different people. For many people Faith implies believing in “something” . It means you have accepted someone else’s idea or statement as true regardless of whether you have experienced it or not. The Guides have taught us that we should find our own truth. We do not need to believe or have faith, we need to experience life and know that we are more than this “reality”. Then our knowing becomes our trust and our experience is always based on love and understanding.

  8. Susanna McGrath says:

    I believe there is a reference in “Doorway to the Soul” that cautions about the distortions that can get in the way of our soul’s communications to us. How communiction from the guides is filtered through our own personal consciousness and it is good to be cautious and as they say in the medical field, get a second opinion! For me that still small voice is a subtle art that takes practice, practice, practice.

  9. Jim Prudden says:

    Thank you Jill, Adrianne and Maria for your intuitive thoughts which resonate with me and aid in my experience in this life.

    I’ve been thinking about faith lately and come to realize that to be totally committed to a faith can be comforting although limiting as to all the possibilities of God’s creation. Faith can be blinding to all the layers and dimensions that are there for us to experience when we are ready and able to experience them. Without the experience of God’s love and binding influence faith must be based on fear and when people make decisions from a fear based faith the results can be devastating although possibly good intentioned. I’m working on bringing more experiences of God’s love into this life and the Guides are a great affirmation to me of this love.

  10. anakin says:

    Faith is what you have when nothing else works…

  11. anakin says:

    One has faith in God when there is no experience of God. Otherwise one would Know God.

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