Happy is as happy does

My daughter, Amy, wrote a post on Opednews.com about the “pursuit” of happiness. It reminded me of an observation I made when I was in the Peace Corps in Venezuela. We lived in an extremely poor section of the town. The people had enough to eat, but by our standards, little else. And yet, they were not unhappy. The children played in the streets with each other and whatever was at hand. There was a feeling of community and friendship. It was not until television sets became more available and people started to see what they were “supposed” to have and to want, that discontent arose.

In the US today, the simple pleasures have long disappeared. The cost of living in our society with all of its “pleasures” is so high that we are constantly under the stress of maintaining our lifestyles…enter credit…and the rest is history.

Joy is a state of being. Pursuing happiness is like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick. Always slightly out of reach.

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2 Responses to Happy is as happy does

  1. Susan, I couldn’t agree more. Pursuit of happiness is hollow. Yet pursuit IS important.

    A worthy aim could be pursuit of deeper truth, deeper perception, deeper connection to God, or — if you’re as cool as Susan Scolastico — a Peace Corps-like service to humanity.

    Any worthy pursuit is the motorboat that will bring happiness in its wake. Don’t you think?

  2. Fred says:

    I read the Earth Adventure and was deeply impressed and affected by Dr. Scolastico’s life story and his work with the guides. I agree with your assessment of television and that we are visually overstimulated towards ends that are contradictory to the enhancement of our consciousness. I voluntarily stopped watching TV 44 years ago when I was 13 and find reading much preferable to development of our inner pscyhe. Plus not watching TV allows to us to work on personal relationships. In this way we are not so likely to leave the black clouds of fear and negativity at the end of our earthly lives of which the guides speak.

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