New You Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR! In the closing of this month’s Study Group Reading, the Guides (through Ron Scolastico) speak to us about the “momentum” of our lives. I was recently talking with a Study Group member about how the effect of childhood sexual or physical abuse creates a negative self image and disassociation from the body, resulting for many people in overeating or other addictions. The Guides say:

“The actual childhood experiences that triggered the way that you inadvertently use your attention in a negative manner have ended long ago. But, the momentum of paying attention to the memory of the traumatic event, and the thoughts and feelings that you have created about it through the years, that momentum continues in the present because you unintentionally allow it.”

Until we can identify where we have been focusing our attention, we will continue the pattern of “unintentionally” allowing the momentum of negative memories. We will identify with the experiences of the past, allowing them to define us in the present. When we can wake up from the sleep of the past, and redefine who we are, and how we see ourselves, we can begin with a new vision. The Guides continue:

“You can intentionally disallow the momentum. You can cease it. Not by a forceful fear of your negative thoughts and feelings about you, or about that past event, but by a loving embracing of the present goodness that lives within you, in spite of anything negative that you have experienced in this lifetime. If your attention can go to that inner goodness often and consistently, you will create a new momentum, so that you are more likely to feel about your present momentum of your human self in the ongoing sense of, “I am me,” you are more likely to feel, “I am a good me. I am a good self. I am a good person. There is goodness in me. There can be goodness all about me.”

Over the holidays, Ron and I spent quite a bit of time with our 16-year-old grandson. His family has moved several times, and I asked him how he felt about having to change schools. He said, “I like it, because I get to remake myself and start fresh. I can project whatever part of my personality I want in a new school.”

So, if you are looking for a New Year’s Resolution, may I suggest that you re-envision yourself and create a new and improved momentum-one that reflects the true goodness that is you. For some of you, it might be just a little tweak. For others, a major turnaround. But, turn your attention toward what you want in your life, how you want to be seen and known, and create a momentum that will reflect your divine goodness into this human world.

FROM DEATH DO I PART: Overcoming Addiction When Rehab Fails
This is my daughter’ Amy Lee Coy’s link to her blog about addictions. We will be publishing her wonderful book in a few months. Do check it out.

Wishing you all peace and much goodness!

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1 Response to New You Resolutions

  1. annie Wallack says:

    The momentum that I want for my life is to be more involved in finding practical ways for people to be happier with themselves, and then there is me. I resolve to be a better me by becoming MORE loving, KINDER, and more COMPASSIONATE toward myself and others, and that means REALLY practical ways, in daily life, not just some fluffy beautiful philosophy, but more MICRO compassion etc.

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