Saint or Sinner, you decide

Okay, I admit I am a strong supporter of Barack Obama. And I couldn’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be impressed with him. So I was surprised to learn that one of Ron’s clients, who lives in Texas, was confused because several of her friends think that Obama has a hidden agenda and is actually the anti-Christ. Wow!

In this month’s Study Group Reading, the Guides say: “In constructing a human life, one of the most important building blocks, or ‘factors,’ is what you would call meaning.” They go on to discuss how we assign meaning to events, both large and small, that occur in our lives.

I realized that for me, Obama being elected means that we as a nation have progressed in a most positive way from the days of segregation and prejudice. It means that we have a President with empathy and intelligence in office, and that there is hope on the horizon for becoming a better, more respected nation. And for the client’s friends in Texas, Obama’s election strikes fear in their hearts—fear that he will destroy the things that are important to them. Thus they assign the label “anti-Christ” to justify their beliefs.

As to who is “right,” I of course have my beliefs and opinions. Actually only time will tell I suppose. But the larger point here is the issue of how we decide what things mean to us in our lives. Do the attitudes we hold promote fear and separation, or do they promote love and understanding? And that is something each individual has to decide.

So whatever meaning you give to this Holiday season, Ron and I wish you a blessed one. May each day be filled with a feeling of holiness and love.

You can read the questions that were asked in this month’s Study Group here. There were a couple of interesting ones about Obama: December 2008 Study Group Questions. Of course, to hear the answers, you will want to subscribe. The monthly Readings are an affordable way to receive the Guides’ inspiration by email, MP3 file, printed transcript or on CD or cassette.

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5 Responses to Saint or Sinner, you decide

  1. Jeanne Frost says:

    It is amazing that there are such strong reactions to Obama being elected. And yet……maybe not so strange. The emotion of fear can bring up a lot of meanings for different people. Fear of change is certainly one of them.

    I personally believe that Barak Obama’s motivation is one of Love of his country and for all who live in it. I believe that the particular gifts he brings to his office now are very much needed by our nation. I am so grateful that he has made himself available for probably the toughest job on the planet.

    I agree with you Susan, that the wisdom and guidance provided to us through the Guides is invaluable. It always matches with what I know to be true in my heart. My hope is that more and more people will be interested in using this wonderful source for confirmation, comfort and guidance.

    As always I am very grateful to you and Ron for making these Conversations available to everyone who is interested.

    Many Blessings of Love to you both,
    Jeanne Frost (Australia)

  2. David magnan says:

    Excuse the humor, but the rednecks need to decide who really is the Antichrist. In most such quarters it was supposed to be Bin Laden, and before him FDR.

    I was struck by the enthusiasm and apparent joy in the faces of so many at Obama’s victory acceptance speech. It looked reminiscent of the feelings JFK evinced in so many. For myself, unfortunately I have learned to be cautious about such things. Obama seems to be sincere, b ut how much is secretly a strong drive for power? The great problems of our society are incredibly complex and interlinked and in my opinion almost impossible of real solutions. Other than by the passage of time and inevitable change as new generations take the place of the old.

  3. Dr. Larry James Stevens says:

    And depending on one’s inner evaluation/habits/beliefs/presets/bias/operant conditioning and self-image, Obama is also a Shiite, a Muslim, a Socialist…even a communist, etc.

    The observing witness (always represented by the inclusive nature of the “Guides”) can more easily deduce that NONE of this is about Obama. It is about a subjective reaction to input that is being determined by programmed neurons in the brain that “color” all data. Our personal filters are determining the meaning we ascribe to words and all input…not the so-called facts. Without reflection, we are a slave to past acceptances…thinking we are choosing and/or empirically determining the truth.

    As the Guides continually teach us, true change can only come from within…no outer authority can ordain it or “cause” it, only provide leadership that ones accept, or not.

    Just my current opinion, of course.

    Yours for a more empowered, joyous, accepting, FUN NOW!

    Dr. Larry James Stevens

  4. Claire Nelson says:

    After 8 years of the radical Christian agenda being forced down our throats, it is clear that Obama is promoting an agenda that reflects the true Christian teachings and, indeed, the core of all religions–love, compassion and unity.

  5. annie Wallack says:

    I really liked and agree with what Claire Nelson had to say. It was concise beautifully written. There’s a lot of people saying they are Christian, and some of them are. It might even depend on the day for all I know. Annie Wallack

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