Hope and Gratitude

(post updated 11/5/08) Today we have a new President of the United States. A new day is born! One of the reasons that Ron and I supported Obama is the spirit of hope and common sense that he brings to his platform. It reminds me of the Kennedy years when we were young and idealistic. Even if Obama himself can’t make all the changes we would want, each of us working together, and as individuals, can. That was the spirit, enthusiasm and belief that we could make a difference that caused me to join the Peace Corps in 1966. I see that spirit being reborn in our youth today. The Guides have said that each one of us makes an important contribution to life on earth, no matter how small it may look to us. Robert F. Kennedy said it this way:
“Few will have the greatness to bend history
itself; but each of us can work to change a small
portion of events, and in the total of all those acts
will be written the history of this generation.”
— Robert F. Kennedy: former United States Attorney General

November is the month when we celebrate Thanksgiving. In such fearful times, it can be easy to forget to be grateful for what we have—our relationships, our health, the beauty of earth, our life, even our “stuff.” So, in this moment in time, Ron and I give thanks for all that we have, for the opportunity to do this inspiring work, and for the relationship that we have with each of you, no matter how distant.

P.S. Our son-in-law, John Bardi, who is a Professor of Philosophy (can’t you tell?) contributed this month’s poll. Be sure to vote your opinion.

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7 Responses to Hope and Gratitude

  1. jill silverstein says:

    yes at the very least Obama is for what the founding fathers had in mind, education available to all.. a decent wage and a future insight… Mc Cain wants servitude of the uneducated masses with work houses and orphanages …like England had at one time past.

  2. Anakin says:

    The reality is that politics is governed by the collective intentions of society. That may or may not equate to wisdom, but that’s the way it is. As to what is “Wisdom”—well the devil’s in the details….

  3. Anakin says:

    Also, probably one of the largest agents of change in society will be the generational shift in demographics. As one generation dies off and another takes its place, the world will be a different place. For example, if you were to ask a young person in Russia about the old Soviet Union they would hardly know what you were talking about, yet even for those in their 50s it is all too vivid.

  4. annie Wallack says:

    I like the renewed sense of hope for Americans. Tomorrow is election day, and I’m HOPING for an Obama victory. In one real sense hope changed the direction of my life. The guides told me to hope when I felt hopeless. They said that hoping was something that I could actually DO to change the outcome, and it did. Hope saved my life.

  5. Dr. Larry James Stevens says:

    I, a former spokesperson for the Ross Perot Presidential Campaign (1992 – NV), have also voted for Obama and feel he is the best of our choices, but I continue to be concerned that there is so little focus on halting the deficit spending, and thus permanently healing the economy. We have record National debt and are now borrowing money from foreign countries to pay for our spending (and military wars). BOTH major parties find ways to over-commit our national resources, funding their idealistic agendas, but how is that ongoing (deficit) practice going to free us from dependence on others? How is more and more debt a responsible demonstration to the world we wish to lead? Why should 20% (or more) of each tax dollar go only for interest on the debt? LESS is more, and the futility of looking toward outer solutions for inner challenges has become apparent to me. Thank you Spirit (and Guides) that I no longer require responsible and balanced government (the outer) to have balance and harmony in my inner experience.

    In LOve…and all good,

  6. Anakin says:

    Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon, was once asked about the secret of the success of his cosmetics empire. He replied ” we dont sell lipstick, we sell hope…..” Hmmmm…..

  7. patricia gray says:

    On the December study group cd, after addressing two questions about Obama’s deeper soul story, the closing statement from the guides discussed gratitude. They planted an idea of starting a daily ritual of gratitude, as a discipline to make it more habitual. Also, there was an encouraging reference to how the feeling of gratitude positively effects the nervous system and the brain. Thank you, Guides, for keeping me on track. I can also see how using the moment, any moment, as a barometer for gratitude would be a great way to check in.

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