It’s not all about me?

A friend and client of ours who has struggled with lifelong depression, recently asked me how I deal with depression. He knew that I had reason to be depressed this year. My oldest daughter has had serious breast cancer, another family member is facing cancer treatments and I lost a friend to cancer. It was a timely question because just a few days before I had had an epiphany.

I was feeling very depressed that week, living in the “gray” zone I call it (Gray used to be my maiden name—draw your own conclusions about my childhood). All of a sudden, it occurred to me that my depression was all about me. I was making my beloved husband’s life miserable and affecting all of the people around me. That was not my intention. The realization that it was not fair to anyone else that I maintain a depressed state, moved me quickly out of it. As I began to focus on the needs of others, the depression lifted and the gray zone turned once again into the Scolastico zone, a lovely place to be.

For someone who is clinically depressed, it is another story. Luckily, I have not had to face such an extreme challenge. But certainly for the kind of depression I have faced, remembering that it is not only about me, but it is also about the people in my life, has helped me lift the mood.

The Guides talk about healing depression in several of the books, most thoroughly in Healing the Heart, Healing the Body.

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8 Responses to It’s not all about me?

  1. Dale Fielder says:

    Thanks Susan! I too have recently “owned” my state of depression. Mine is about lost of work & income, state of conciousness here on planet earth . . . Praise be to our “epiphanies” that eventually allow us to move on. Where or how these mystical solutions to our depressed minds come from I can not know. Thank Goodness that they happen, eh?

  2. annie Wallack says:

    Thank God for the epiphany. I too have found mysterious consolation from a voice that tells me a truth deeper than words, a knowing that speaks into my mind which brought me the perfect answer.

  3. Susan, free will really is all it is cracked up to be. Inspiring post!

  4. Anakin says:

    Depression is always complex –and a combination of inner and outer events. But it will almost always come down to the clarity of one’s purpose and meaning in life. If that purpose is clear then all will be well. If it is not then you will have a problem until it is.

    Of course the problem could either be acute or more like a low grade virus, and the solution could require Tylenol or psychic surgery, so to speak.

  5. Sue Pivetta says:

    Susan always is my inspiration mom. Witnessing my two month old granddaughter go through major surgery, extreme pain, and six weeks in a body cast – well this is the supreme test of endurance for an earthling who knows way too much about spiritual truths. I especially curse the one that says….for many important reasons that you may not ever understand …. what I did have the good fortune to witness is her formerly DIVA mother – first time mother – show such courage, strength, humility, humor, honest sadness in her welcoming of this not so perfect child – got to say – even in the worst there is some good. Still, it hurts no matter how spiritual you try to be – why? Because I am a human being, not a spirit being and life sometimes is very difficult. And none of this matters and all of this matters. So, I will continue to be of this earth for the remainder – knowing more about life, love, spirit than I ever imagined thanks to our beloved Ron and Susan. Does it make the tears less, the pain lighter in my heart and gut – not at all. Does it make sense – more now yes – we choose this. Do I feel more compassion, love and kindness – absolutely – for us all.

  6. Jeanne Frost says:

    Thank you Susan for bringing the subject of depression up. I have struggled a bit with depression after losing my daughter to cancer. My way back to being in balance has been made so much easier because of the Study Group Newsletters and the wonderful wisdom of the Guides.

    In particular I have found that when I am faithful to make an attunement I find grace, peace and most of all gratefulness for just being alive and having such an amazing life experience.

    I am especially grateful to you and Ron for being in my life and making this all possible. Love from “Down Under”

  7. Alyss says:

    Sometimes I think this is really the only question there is (for me, that is): How do I make a new start, begin again today with a viable sense of hope, purpose, determination to crack through the grey skies and see the sun that is always there.
    I lost my son a few years ago, and without timely reminders from the Guides it’s so easy to forget that the loss itself , although real for now, is not permanent, and I have so many opportunities which I don’t even always notice.

  8. Thank you for your nice post, Alyss. I did not know you had lost a son, I am so sorry. Sadly, I have too many friends and acquaintances who have lost children. One of my best friends started a website…her daughter died of a rare cancer at age 33 I think it was…. You might find something helpful there.
    Warm Regards,

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