Smoke & Ashes

It’s that time of year again and we are breathing smoke and ashes. We live 13 miles due south of the currently burning Porter Ranch fire with two cities in between. So we are alert but not really worried. Every year at this time there are fires somewhere in California. The Santa Ana winds kick up and something sparks a fire. I always associate the smell of wildfire smoke with our Retreat which falls in the first part of November. In 1993, with a few minutes warning, we had to evacuate 20 people from Serra Retreat Center to the refuge of the Holiday Inn where we completed our Retreat. Funny thing was, even though we didn’t have the beauty of Serra Retreat Center surrounding us, we had an extraordinary Retreat. The presence of the participants surrounding us, and the wisdom of The Guides, was all we needed. Just goes to show you can find meaning and joy even in difficult and unexpected circumstances. Last year, we were on pins and needles wondering if we’d even have a Retreat since Malibu was burning again in October. So far, so good this year and our 24th Annual Retreat is on as planned. Thank you to all of you who have called or emailed to ask about our welfare. We appreciate your concern.

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2 Responses to Smoke & Ashes

  1. annie Wallack says:

    Yep. It’s a wonder there are any trees left. I’ve been calling people in Pennsylvania to see if they support Obama and want to volunteer, and when I tell them that I live in CA, they tell me about the fires. I lived back East, and people seem to like to think that it’s the end of the world out here about lots of things. Annie

  2. One thing about you and Ron, Susan, is that the passion for what you do burns brighter than any of those minor conflagrations. Glad that Retreat is on as planned.

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