What costume are you wearing this lifetime?

The Guides’ idea of our present personality as a “costume” evokes wonderful images of closets full of every variety of garments. In the Study Group Reading for October they say:

“In each cycle of human experience on earth, think of a new costume. Each of you is beginning to understand that you are not your costume. You are not your body. You are not your personal experience. You are having that experience, creating it, living it. And, after your death, that experience is taken off as a costume, and put into a collection of costumes that you-as-a-soul have been creating, outside of time, by dipping into time to create a new costume. So, as a soul, you have a vast wardrobe.
For each new lifetime, you-as-a-soul pick and choose among the various styles of the costumes to create a new one. Thus, your present human self is entirely unique. It has never manifested in any realm, human or divine, in this particular way that is presently you. But, it is related to the other costumes, to the other you’s that have been, in terms of time, before your present life.

What this means is that this present you is not a small, superficial costume. It is extremely important. It is the latest style, you might say, from the divine designer—your soul.”

Educator and philosopher, Cornel West, was asked how he felt about being a black man. He said, “I am a human being inhabiting a black body.” If every human could think this way, there would be no prejudice. We would recognize one another as fellow human beings, temporarily adorned in a new costume, and perhaps even enjoying the fashion show!

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5 Responses to What costume are you wearing this lifetime?

  1. Adriana says:

    What a neat way to think about our differences. With all the choices my soul had to choose from, I consider myself very lucky!

  2. amylee says:

    Everyone’s present personality is their latest style… I like that. And the idea of getting to know the “vibe” or energy of a person rather than the costume they wear is a good one for sure (though I wish I had a photo album of all my costumes:-)

  3. annie Wallack says:

    I think I’m really getting it that I’m not my costume, I am my soul, but not all the time. Sometimes I forgot that. Maybe a lot of times, still under it, I always come back to being the original me.

  4. patricia gray says:

    This idea was a favorite of mine from the Oct. study group questions, and I had a huge smile on my face hearing that our current personality and body is like our latest soul’s fashion. It is a creative way to see everyone, and it heightens my appreciation of everyone. And knowing that ultimately we are not our costume, even if we seem to get lost in it for a while, leaves room for playfulness. (And if you are like me, maybe even irreverence!)

  5. annie Wallack says:

    Today, I have on a costume of comfort, a pair of pajama bottoms, an old t-shirt with holes in it. Tonight I will get more regal when I go out to teach my writing class. I’ll put on a face then and hope that under it I will be seen for the real me. I hope that part will shine out. I hope that at times the outer me will become transparent.

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