Staying Inspired In Troubling Times

These are troubling times indeed for many, both personally and globally. In the good times, it is easy to be positive and feel spiritual, but how do you cope when life seems bleak and endlessly challenging? These are the times that all of our study and spiritual practice should kick in. But it isn’t always an automatic response. Fear can take over and color our outlook on life.

The Guides, (through Ron Scolastico) say: “You are an eternal soul. Nothing can damage your being.” If you can truly grasp the magnitude of that simple statement, it can return your focus to the larger truth of you. You are an eternal soul. All of the qualities of you as a soul are forever. Everything else is temporary. That means that the kindness, compassion and love that you share with those around you, the generosity, courage, faith, joy….all of those qualities are what you take with you through the door of death. Everything else is left behind.

You can leave fear and dread behind now and focus on those ideals that are eternal. If you can find joy and gratitude for the smallest of moments, small communications, the seemingly mundane events, that will carry you through the hard times and build a strong inner foundation that will support you through the shifting winds of earth life. You will live your life from a strong core of strength, sustained by your soul, that can never be diminished.

One of the most simple, yet often forgotten tools for relief from emotional pain and fear, given to us by our creator, is our physical body. That is why the sages have taught us to focus on our breathing. That is one of the reasons for touching your fingers together while meditating. You can use your mind and your will to focus intently on what you are doing physically—if you are typing at your computer, notice the pads of your fingers on the keys. If you are walking, feel your feet on the ground and the air on your face. Become fascinated with the beat of your heart. It will help keep your mind from wandering off to troubling fear thoughts about events that you can do nothing about in the moment. And again, you can return to the truth and say to yourself: “I am an eternal soul. Nothing can damage my being.”


A subscription to the monthly Study Group Readings is a wonderful way to stay inspired, particularly in troubling times. Study Group member, Audrey Von Hawley of Sonoma, California says: “Getting my Study Group tape each month is like getting a spiritual shot in the arm.”

We have been providing these inspiring Readings every month since 1987, over 265 Readings. They are now available digitally—as an MP3 file online, or an e-mailed transcript. For more information, please visit our website at: Study Group.

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9 Responses to Staying Inspired In Troubling Times

  1. Barbara Wilson says:

    This really helped me get through a day of discouragement. Thank you so much.

  2. annie Wallack says:

    I think this thought works both ways. In the good times when everything seems to be going along right I coast on through not exercsing my spiritual muscles, even though I am grateful I don’t feel the need as much. When there is stress and challenge I tend to find solace in the universal truths. I am not my body, I am not my thoughts etc. I am an extraordinary ETERNAL soul. These thoughts give me comfort when I notice that I’m getting out of my tree about world events, relationship struggles, personal struggles. I have a lot of gratitude to the guides for guiding me over the years. I feel very fortunate to have seen the value of their wisdom.

  3. patricia gray says:

    The ‘tests” are abundant, especially when the financial system is so weak, and that represents so much of the backbone of our culture. The guides have always helped me find deep understanding of the eternal nature of life. I am grateful. So, at this time it is clearly not productive to project more worry and fear into that prevailing stream on consciousness. The media and popular opinions. I am new to trying something called the ‘gift of the blessing’. Variations of it are found in most indigenous cultures. Gregg Braden talks about this in his recent seminars, and it resonates with me. It essentially is three parts: It asks us to be very specific on each. First you bless the sufferer, the one(s) who have been hurt or damaged. Then you visualize the persons or event which caused the hurt, and bless them. (There is potent healing via acknowledging and expressing the desire to forgive. Not to condone of course behavior that is wrong, but to release to the higher truth.) Third, bless the witnesses involved. This can be applied to anyone, especially our own hurts. Anyone have some practice with this to report? It is something I hope to fold into everyday practice. Wonder what the guides would add?

  4. Adrienne Gabriel says:

    As we inhabit these incredible vessels, it is indeed such a joy to celebrate them in such ways that refocuses our energetic systems in such a way that we are naturally vibrating on a higher and more connected plane. I personally find this spiritual connection through not only the eastern practices of tia chi, qi gong and yoga, but also through the pure joy of dancing with my soul – eyes closed and body organically responding to a deep resonance and energetic vibration in inspiring music that touches my heart.

    In troubled or good times, it is a great way to celebrate our many facets and to gain a new insight perhaps to old stuck patterns or troubling problems. Try it – its’ fun!!!

  5. Maria E. Vanegas says:

    When everyone is shouting how bad things are going it could be difficult not to get caught up in that fearful and confusing experience. Again thanks to the Guides for their continue encouragement to free ourselves from that perceive confusion.

  6. annie Wallack says:

    Yes. Lots of times I’ve been out of my tree about some world event, some relationship issue, and I’ve found the wisdom necessary to come back to a place of peace because of the guides. Thank God for the guides!

  7. Barbara Wilson says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for the article on “Staying Inspired in Troubling Times.” I agree that we all need some kind of meditation to stay balanced in life.
    I am using the meditation method that Ron gave in his book, The Mystery of the Christ Force. It’s really great, and helps me to focus on the spiritual world. I would love to hear from people on this site about their experience with that book.

  8. jill silverstein says:

    Annie’s statement about return to a centered base in our minds eye through Ron’s teachings is exactly how I have found the most help…even though I meditate… one needs to replace the superstitions and misguided information we had inserted into our minds from religions and fearful people. Ron’s teachings are a constant unfolding epiphany and wonderment of understanding ones life evolution.

  9. annie Wallack says:

    On a practical note, I noticed that a steady diet of pouring over he news got my fears all stirred up, especially late at night. I found that I have to limit my exposure to every detail of the news no matter how fascinating these days. My dreams became turbulent on a steady diet of news. Some time just relaxing, going outside, looking at the stars helped.

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